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Pricing and Payment

Walk-in: Most items on this website are also available for purchase when you walk in to a Costco Business Centre warehouse. Walk-in items purchased at Costco Business Centre have our lowest possible price.

Delivery: All prices listed on this website are “delivered prices” from Costco Business Centre, which include a nominal markup over the walk-in price to cover costs associated with delivery. There is no minimum order requirement.

Sales Tax

In accordance with applicable provincial and federal laws, we are required to charge GST/HST and provincial sales tax. Costco does not benefit from the collection of sales tax and we remit all taxes collected directly to the appropriate taxing jurisdiction. As a general rule, the applicable sales tax is determined by the province of delivery. The GST and provincial sales tax or HST will be calculated on taxable merchandise and services. The taxes are applicable to taxable merchandise and services delivered in Canada.


Costco Business Centre accepts the following forms of payment:

At Business Centre locations:

  • Mastercard
  • Cash
  • Cheque
  • Debit
  • Costco Shop Card

Online (Costcobusinesscentre.ca)

  • Mastercard debit and credit
  • Costco Shop Card
  • Visa credit
  • POD
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